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Horror with a message, with a strong preference for new weird horror. Any variant. This, meaning that we will accept anything from supernatural, goblin-ghoul-zombie-thumping-in-the-night types of works to more subtle, mundane terrors.

That being said, there are some materials that we will not accept:


Stories featuring excessive violence for its own sake (i.e., gore or violence that is not justified by the overall story). In that vein: extensive, unjustified descriptions of sexual assault will result in rejection.     

We hope that you can disturb us without relying on these devices.

Every quarterly issue is themed. 



Here's what we're looking for:


Flash fiction and short stories (up 10,000 words)


We strongly prefer short stories to flash and microfiction, but acknowledge that great things can be accomplished in under 1,500.

Multiple submissions from one author in the fiction category will not be accepted. Only one story per month please.

Simultaneous submissions will not be accepted.


Up to three poems by a single author within a given month, not to exceed ten pages total, to be submitted in a single Word doc. 

Simultaneous submissions will not be accepted.



All non-fiction works will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please send a short query to before submitting any non-fiction materials. Payment for non-fiction materials will be made upon publication of suitable copy, not upon acceptance of pitch.



All artwork will be considered for inclusion in Novel Noctule on a rolling basis.


Materials are to be sent in standard manuscript format to as a Word document. Entries submitted in the body of your email will not be considered for publication. Please see William Shunn's article on standard manuscript formatting for reference.


 Bottom line: It doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be clear, readable, and include all of the required information, or we won't read it. 

Standard fonts only. 


Language: English

Compensation:  It's very important to us that we pay writers and artists for their work. But, we are an individually-funded, small publication. As such, we can only offer compensation of $10 US dollars for all accepted works via PayPal. As our readership grows, we hope to increase this rate.

Rights: Novel Noctule is granted exclusive, first world rights to the submitted work upon acceptance for a period of six months.


Reprints:  No unsolicited reprints. Please query before sending.

Feel free to follow up regarding your submission if you haven't received a response after (45) days; emails sometimes slip through the cracks. 



We welcome submissions from both emerging and established writers.
All work should be submitted via email to Submissions should be in standard manuscript format and include word count.

Haphazardly formatted manuscripts will not be considered. 

open for submissions

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