Writer's Spotlight: Marta Špoljar

Process Notes:

I originally thought I was writing two separate stories: I really wanted to do my own take on the creepy child trope, and I was trying to put some events from my childhood into words. It took me a long time (and a lot of struggling) to realize that they were the same narrative. There was a creepy girl at my doorway too, and I was not done being scared yet.
I believe it is common knowledge that adverse childhood experiences follow us long into adulthood — it should also be common knowledge that refusing to acknowledge how you were hurt never makes you hurt any less. "Interred" is an attempt at giving the pain we bury a physical form and letting it join us under the blankets.

Why do you write horror?

Nothing in this world scares me more than people who look away from what they would rather not face and rationalize away what they would rather not feel. Fear might be uncomfortable but it is also unavoidable, and horror lets me explore it on my own terms, and without making me pretend that I am somehow unaffected by it.

MARTA ŠPOLJAR is a previously unpublished author from Zagreb, Croatia. She is a full-time student of comparative literature and English language, and works as a translator.