Writer's Spotlight: Dan Fields

Process Notes:

The aim of 'A Witch’s Work' was to begin with the appearance of a standard folktale...But, once the tale was told, [I wanted] to subvert it with an account of the witch’s perspective. Along the way, I grew fascinated with the ripples of repercussion among the other villagers, which would inevitably come in a community so small. The character's final pronouncement is meant to stand out, signifying a singular moment of authority and agency that the witch herself has been denied over a lifetime of misery and frustrated personal sacrifice.

Why do you write horror?

At any time, each of us carries at least one horror story inside. It’s a condition of life. Daring to tell it is a way of sharing in our common humanity...Anyone who’s been made to dread, resist and escape the horror that lurks on a page receives a gift of boldness against horrors in the world...Above all, I write weird and frightening things in gratitude for all the times they’ve been written for me.

DAN FIELDS graduated from Northwestern University in 2006. His work has recently been published with Sanitarium Magazine, Tell-Tale Press, Harbinger Press, Jolly Horror Press and Hellbound Books. He lives in Houston, Texas, with his wife and children. Since the appearance of the story "Cachette" in a 2015 issue of Indiana Voice Journal, he has published over a dozen stories in various online, print and audio formats. Many more stories and a few long-form works are forthcoming. Read more at www.danfieldswrites.com