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Untitled #3 by Simon Perchik


They still cling to your fingers

as pieces: this cemetery

is all that's left from an empty shell

that became the Earth, patched

with wooden tools and tears

to lower the ground ̶ by themselves

take this dirt by the hand

already an endless breeze

warmed by your soft blouse

unbuttoned each spring to show

what emptiness looks like

from inside where you point

as if step by step sharp picks

are cracking open your gravestone

not yet amber or gravel.


SIMON PERCHIK is an American poet who has been described by Library Journal as, "the most widely published unknown poet in America." Perchik worked as an attorney before his retirement in 1980. Educated at New York University, he now resides in East Hampton, New York. You can find his complete bibliography at

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