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Together (again) by Russell Hemmell


Silvery, sticky blood in the doll’s veins,

sliding against porcelain layers

to thicken up into lumps of red glue.

Hungry bacteria

crawl along,

making inert bodies

tremble and alive.

In a blink of plastic eyelids

in splinters and twinkles

and gusts of icy winds

they’ll clash one day

— inside that hidden sharp place

— inside your hollow chest

where fear and horror are two faces

of the same absent god.


RUSSELL HEMMELL is a French-Italian transplant in Scotland, passionate about astrophysics, history, and Japanese manga. Recent work in Aurealis, Cast of Wonders, Flame Tree Press, The Grievous Angel, and others. SFWA, SFPA, & HWA member. Find them online at their blog and on Twitter @SPBianchini.

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