Official Statement: Erica Ciko Campbell

Dear Noctules: It saddens me that this public statement is necessary. As of two nights ago, I have been receiving a slew of unpleasant emails from (4) different accounts. Most of these have been from Erica Ciko Campbell, former NN volunteer and short-term editor of Flying Fox Flash. I have also received one from her close friend, Desmond Rhae Harris, whose artwork was published as a cover for one of our issues. I have not spoken to either of them in approximately a year. The main complaints on their part:

  1. Erica Ciko Campell was made to do "dirty work" as a volunteer and was put "under duress" during her time at the magazine.

  2. Erica Ciko Campbell is no longer listed as an editor on the NN site and has not been properly credited for the editorial work she performed while volunteering at NN.

  3. Erica's editor's note has been unlinked from the issue in which it was published.

  4. Erica was blocked on social media last year following her departure from NN, which it seems she just recently discovered.

The following demands on their part have been made:

  1. Erica should be credited on the NN site for the editorial work she performed OR I will be billed for her services retroactively.

  2. Desmond would like his artwork taken down as a result of the perceived slight against his close friend, Erica.

I am not the kind of person to insult others in order to prove a point, and I am not one to lie to preserve my name or credibility. For those of you who I've made connections with while Novel Noctule was running and those of you who have heard/will hear about this issue: I would like to share a number of screenshots regarding both Erica's time at NN and her behavior over the last few days. I believe these screenshots will provide much needed insight into this issue. During the email exchanges mentioned above, I was accused of being an unprofessional, gaslighting narcissist. To be quite honest, I am not looking to engage in unnecessary conflict. And so, I will leave the evidence to you so that you can make come to your own conclusions regarding my character. The related blog post is lengthy, but if you are interested in an additional perspective, you can find it here. Stay well, J.D.