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If Only If I Could Use My Former Identities on My Resume by Richard LeDue


People believe it's a lifestyle full of black capes

and young necks,

but it's become more like drinking pennies

someone held in their palm too long,

and the neighbor's kids wake me up

every afternoon. Haven't had a solid eight hour

sleep in years, but if I suck them dry,

it'll create too much attention

(got to be smart to stay alive

this long), so I'm the cranky guy

next door, who bangs on their door

at seven PM, yells about working

back-shift at a rest home,

how my lawn was greener

before they moved in, and

their mortal eyes can only pretend

to understand (which might be the best

one can do with their limited amount of time).

I can't even afford move

because I lost all my savings

in a pyramid scheme years ago.


RICHARD LEDUE (he/him) was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, but currently lives in Norway House, Manitoba with his wife and son. His poems have appeared in various publications throughout 2020, and more is forthcoming throughout 2021. His first chapbook, “The Loneliest Age,” was released by Kelsay Books in autumn 2020, and a second chapbook, “The Kind of Noise Worth Writing Down,” is forthcoming in early 2022 from Kelsay Books.

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