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Editor's Note: Year One


Dear Noctules:

If you can believe it, Novel Noctule was supposed to be a book review blog. At least that's what it was going to be when I dreamt it up back in November 2019. But as with most plans in life, NN evolved into something completely different all on its own when I wasn't looking. I never expected to start a literary magazine, and I certainly never expected to start one during a pandemic.

Still, I'm really glad that I did. As Year One comes to a close, I've been reflecting on the different stages that NN has moved through in these past 12 months—even stages that I've moved through as a result. I have a few thoughts about where we've been so far, and I've made some decisions about where I'd like us to head in 2021:

  1. I want to start simplifying the structure of NN's monthly issues ASAP so that we can focus on our most important content: our stories. So, December 2020's installment will be the last to include interior artwork—maybe even writer and artist spotlights (I haven't decided on their fates as of yet). It's been a good run for my strange little edits, though, and for all of the impressive pieces of artwork submitted by our contributors in 2020. Year One will always be special because of you.

  2. Flying Fox Flash launches soon, as does our podcast. I'm excited to share the pieces that we've been gathering with you all. Keep submitting, and if you've signed up for our email list, expect to hear from us a bit more frequently. We'll be announcing our FF and issue releases weekly starting in January. It's going to be a bit busy for the NN team, but I think that it will be worth it.

  3. Lastly, I have to admit that throughout November and December, I'd been completely avoiding NN work. It was an unconscious behavior, and it took a while to figure out why I was doing it; I suppose that the realization came at a pivotal time, too. The pressure that I'd begun to place on this little labor of love to become . . . well, a paying job, had finally gotten to me. As it turns out, I don't really want another job. I just want to create beautiful things. So, NN's e-books will still go up on Amazon in case anyone wants them: I'm currently working on the backlog for Year One's issues, and hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the monthly releases in 2021 as they come. Likewise, our Patreon will still be there for anyone who feels inclined to help support us along the way; we still appreciate you eternally. But all of the background projects that I'd drummed up primarily in order to generate income (break even, really) have ceased for the foreseeable future. I'm amazed that, despite not being able to offer much in the way of financial compensation, NN has still earned the attention of so many caring readers and devoted creatives this year . . .

Let's keep making beautiful things. See you in 2021. J.D.


DENNY E. MARSHALL has had art, poetry, and fiction published. Some recent credits include cover art for Dreams & Nightmares #116 Sept. 2020 and poetry in Scifaikuest August 2020. This year, his website is celebrating 20 years on the web. In 2020, his artwork is for sale for the first time. The link is on his website @

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