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Editor's Note


Dear Noctules:

Poetry has an uncanny way of helping us navigate the depths of darkness inherent in the human soul. Some of the most frightening moments and memories of my life have produced my most favored poetry pieces, and it is often through these shared experiences of pain, fear, loneliness and horror that we can connect to the world around us. With so many lives hanging in the balance this year, we have been left to contemplate life, death, the end of humanity as we know it and, most importantly, what new beginnings might look like.

As the guest editor for this poetically inclined issue, as always, I am excited to view the horrors of our world as reflected in the waters of the small, literary microcosm that is Novel Noctule.

Happy Pride Month. Black Lives Matter. Flatten the curve.


Jalyssa Soto

Guest Editor



JALYSSA SOTO is a spoken word poet who has performed at venues and events across the tri-state area including the LITM at Lezfest, the Jersey City Slam, and Henrietta Hudson. She has been a featured poet for Bar Code and the Hudson Pride Center's Immigration Rally in Jersey City.

Soto is currently working on her first chapbook. You can find her drinking coffee with her cats in New Jersey.


Artwork by Novel Noctule team.

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