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Editor's Note


Dear Noctules:

For those who believe in the cosmos’ ability to penetrate our innermost realities: Mercury Retrograde is upon us. Three or four times per year, the planet Mercury appears to travel backwards along its celestial orbit. This two-week period is considered to be a time of chaotic, brilliant energy. Murphy’s law, in universal effect: Anything that can go wrong will. At the same time, Mercury Retrograde is a period of profound reflection. We are faced down by the phantoms of our hearts—not as a form of punishment—but as an offering; an offering in the form of opportunity. For it is only through these stormy times that we may discover: Our boats, although imperfect, are built with the stuff of ancient forests. Impenetrable. Resilient. Eternal. Our boats, adrift in a boundless sea, have all been crafted from the same dark matter that birthed us. Change is on the wind, both for this magazine and for our world. A new-fangled, unknown virus has washed over us. Political upheaval is in the air, noxious and sure-footed. Fear is in our hearts. Although this issue isn’t themed in the traditional sense, it is one duly dedicated to the psychological terrors of our time. The shadows that we project onto the walls of our own hallowed caves. We are looking inside of ourselves this month, and we may be troubled by what we find. It’s a terrible truth: Sometimes, the monsters are within us. Sometimes, the monsters are insufferably strong. But, know this: We are stronger. We were built to withstand—stars in ecstatic motion, glimmering against obsidian sky. Cheers, Jacqueline Dyre Publisher | Editor-in-Chief


FDBONES is a graphic designer based in Romania. His works are related to dark art, transposed as an engraving style. Through his work, he seeks to spread positive messages and relay commentary on social phenomenon; There is always beauty and grace in the macabre. His work can be found on Instagram @fdbones_

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