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Artist's Spotlight: Stefan Ljumov

Process Notes:

During the creation of this illustration, I began with a simple idea. The idea was following the given theme of things coming out in light, or coming out of darkness. That strange dichotomy was embedded in my head as the keyword, a special moment that gives life to the foreboding scene. It's a box, closed, inside what seems to be a cave or a hole. It reeks of abandonment or rather some unspecific feeling that something which was abandoned could haunt again. Perhaps not physically, but definitely in our minds...
The drawing was done in pixel art where I was using mostly strong colors to convey a contrast between the light coming from the hole and the dark other. Saturated colors in this case give the feeling of a circus beast or a freak, thrown away in a sealed box that is slowly giving way. That something still feels and registers the light...

STEFAN LJUMOV is a visual artist from capital city of Belgrade, Serbia. He attended Polytechnic High School and completed his work in the painting department as a Master Academic at FLU, Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where he refined his techniques during 5 years of his academic career.

He was always interested in creating strange atmospheres and ambients, horror and fantasy stories, and has done his best to give life to the Unthinkable and Unnamable. Drawing is his passion and burning need. He mostly works on commission and he has already worked on various projects ranging from posters, book covers and illustrations, to the concept of video game characters and one (student) movie character. His wish is to make believable worlds and rules, flashes and bones, winds and stones.

Stefan's work can be found at

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