Artist's Spotlight: Simone Torcasio

Process Notes:

The technique with which I created this project stems from the study of shape design. It's slightly defined by lineart, which passes to the targeted lighting in order to identify a focal point in the scene. This, so that you can immediately feel the emotion of the final result.
[The most satisfying parts of the process were] the approval of the sketch and the search for colors to express the emotions of the image. Once [the colors were] chosen, [the process] proceeded as if [the image] were an oil canvas, looking for a rendering: a mix of traditional and digital knowledge, manifested through the use of mixed brush and dry brush.

SIMONE TORCASIO is from a small town in southern Italy. From an early age, he's loved art and creativity. It is precisely with art in his heart that, after obtaining his diploma from the technical institute for surveyors, he moved to Florence where he experimented with different techniques and grew in the digital and traditional fields.

Torcasio graduated and specialized in illustration and concept art. To date he works as a freelance artist, and his creative approach is shaped by the type of project proposed to him since both his art study are based on the "concept".

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