Artist's Spotlight: Jorge Iracheta

Process Notes:

These days, I love everything relating to horror, and I love to work on it. But when I was little, I was terrified of horror: movies, games, you name it. My sister was constantly scaring me with a Chucky doll. Later on, in primary school when horror finally started growing on me, my teacher often called my parents because of the scary illustrations I was drawing—e.g., SpongeBob with a knife through his back. It was a Catholic school, so you can imagine the rest.
Afterwards, when I discovered anime and manga, I tried to create my own stories and draw them: I was fascinated, especially with the dark, gory stories. I kept at it and now, horror is my specialty. I love working on it for my customers. My main style is comic-like illustration, and I really love the 80s horror cover style. My favorite horror artist and inspiration is Junji Ito. The process for this particular illustration started with me listening to music and imagining a scary/spooky ambience in my head. Then, I began to sketch out an unsettling face with a creepy smile and big eye holes. His look: a slim, old man with a lot of wrinkles. I tried to give him an uncomfortable stare. Lastly, the background: the inside of a cabin in the woods. I transferred all of that from my head to a sketch, then worked on the inking, the color selection and finally, the light effects and shading. The light effects and shading are my favorite parts of the process; I think that's where all the magic happens for a great illustration!

JORGE IRACHETA is a freelancer designer and digital artist from Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico. You can find a portfolio of his work at