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Artist's Spotlight: Jon Castaneda

Process Notes:

As a child, I was disgusted and fascinated by Stephen King and the twisted pathways that he created in his novels. I then graduated to a darker and, in my mind, more twisted author, Clive Barker. They both inspired me to use my imagination when drawing and to venture where others may not dare to. I've loved drawing creepy stuff ever since I was able to pick up a pen. Horror fascinates me, as it reveals the parts of the psyche that many people try to hide. I think it helps us to face our demons and, perhaps, even vanquish them every once in a while. As far as my process, I will gather references online and thumbnail my composition until I find it pleasing. I then will lay out the drawing on paper and blow it up in Photoshop. The drawing or digital painting will start to flesh itself out and most of the time, of its own accord, point me in a dark direction.

JON CASTANEDA is an artist from El Paso, Texas. He has done hundreds of commissions and usually prefers the genres of horror and fantasy. He is currently working on Leather Corpse, an ongoing horror comic book series scheduled for release this summer. He's inspired by the dark works of H.R. Giger, Salvador Dali, Caravaggio, Beksinski, and many, many others. He also loves comic book artists like Simon Bisley and Sam Kieth.

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