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Artist's Spotlight: FDBones

Process Notes:

Drawing wasn't a big thing for me [when I was growing up]; I was drawing because that's what kids do. Then I got older, and I was still drawing when I was bored or when I hadn't have anything better to do. My passion for the art world came from my ex-girlfriend. When I was in my first year of university, I met her (she is an art student) and she inspired me to start drawing again. I was pretty bad at drawing to be honest, but she kept encouraging me and here I am (shoutout to her).
When it comes to creative process, I sit and meditate on a subject and images pop into my mind. I find my ideas randomly in lyrics, photos, books, articles, music, etc. Everything can be a subject of an artwork. My style is very influenced by Blial Cabal; that dark, medieval and occult aesthetic is fascinating me. The beauty that exists in ugliness, too.
My latest artworks (my series, Love, Spite, Pain and Thoughts on My Mind Pt. 1) are my goodbye letters to my lovely ex-girlfriend and to my old self. Those are, I think, my most personal pieces because I spent time examining my emotions and thoughts—about myself and about the people who are around me. In Love, Spite, Pain, I tried to illustrate the fact that we don't value the person we say we love enough, and we suffer when they have the courage to break the vicious circles that can exist in a relationship. Also, we need to understand that we [are responsible for managing] our suffering, and we are the only ones [responsible] for that, not other people. Thoughts on My Mind Pt. 1 represents all the frustration that I'd felt and the things I've learnt from [those experiences]. Everything about it is raw: the artworks, the writings. That was the first and final attempt—no edits.
When I add text to my artworks, it's because I vibe with them. I find myself in it, or I want to find myself in it. Sometimes, it's hard for me to find my words; that's why, in some of my artworks, you'll find broken English or weird and random phrases. That's largely due to two factors: Firstly, English is not my native language. Secondly, I [often] can't express the things that I feel in words, so that's the best I can do [in the moment]. Compressing feelings into words can be a titanic task. Hotel Books is the inspiration for Love, Spite, Pain; I used his lyrics from the song "Nothing Was the Same."

FDBONES is a graphic designer based in Romania. His works are related to dark art, transposed as an engraving style. Through his work, he seeks to spread positive messages and relay commentary on social phenomenon; There is always beauty and grace in the macabre. His work can be found on Instagram @fdbones_

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