Artist's Spotlight: Alfi Suvi

Process Notes:

In addition to Alfi, I also go by the names Aping and Neizear. I began to [create and] design illustrations because I loved metal music. I looked at bands' merchandise, covers, and flyers everywhere and found them very interesting. I've been in this line of work for eight years. There've been so many t-shirt designs that created for different bands since I started. [I like to] find new experiences in the world and in music, especially when working for bands from different countries. I have always loved brutal concepts: antichrist themes, biblical stories, zombies, and dark art. I do both manual drawing and digital; whatever a given client needs. It's nice to come across fresh and crazy ideas. I always put my work on paper, especially for the genre of old-school death metal. Art has kept me going and alive to this day.

ALFI SUVI is an artist from Bogor, Indonesia. He is 22 years old. He has completed hundreds of commissions and usually prefers the genres of dark art and brutal art. He's inspired by the dark and brutal works of Riddick Art, Bustarinov, Septian Fajrianto, and many, many others. He also enjoys underground illustration artists like Riddick Art and Christhope Moyen. You can find a portfolio of his work at