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Artist's Spotlight: Jonas Cardona

Process Notes:

I started drawing when I was eight years old. Throughout my childhood, I found myself alone a lot of the time and [drawing] was the one place where my imagination could run free. I grew up watching superhero shows and horror movies which is probably why I am fascinated by fantasy characters with a dark side. Art started out as a hobby, but it manifested into a true passion of mine.
It took me years to define my artistic styles. My digital work is mostly fantasy, and my fine art is moodier and darker. Each medium has its advantages. With digital, there is no limit to what tools you can use while fine art limits you to what you have. Art is a language that is ambiguous. It is expressing your view of the world and sharing your human experience that can move beyond physical existence. 
It all begins with an idea, but an idea holds no power unless it is given a voice. That idea must be turned into a vision, and once that vision is applied to a physical medium, that is when it starts to breathe life. Purpose, technique, and direction have to coexist for that tiny idea to thrive in reality. 
Everything is based on layers. On the surface, it is simple; but underneath is layer upon layer of substance speaking in one direction. From outline to the first layer, it takes formediting, molding, and defining until your vision is born.
There are endless ways to create a vision. There is no right or wrong way, there is only YOUR way. That's what makes it different from everyone else's. That's the beauty of it: It’s all about you. All of the art that you make is a reflection of different light; that light IS you. Everything you create comes from within, and that’s what makes it so special.
[Visual] art has a limit on the story that it expresses, and that is why I began the venture of learning the art of storytelling. I am taking my artistic light and applying it to a written form. I am currently working to develop both crafts in order to use them to create my own graphic novel. 
Never stop expressing yourself and spreading your light. As creators, we are building the future right now. 

JONAS CARDONA is an up-and-coming novelist and artist focusing on science fiction and dark fantasy. He is earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and has published a short story titled “Rotten Allure” in the Scarlet Leaf Review. After five years in the United States Army, Cardona gave up his career to pursue a new missionto impact as many people’s hearts, minds and souls worldwide as he could by creating inspirational content. He aspires to write a series of novels and develop a clothing brand. In the meantime, he shares art, insightful life stories, and fictional short stories along with fitness and health advice. Connect with Jonas at and

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